The Ugly Christmas Sweater Takeover

sweaterAs a kid, seeing your Great-Aunt Edna sporting her homemade knit Christmas sweater that resembled a craft store explosion was enough to horrify you, almost to the point of no return. Or, perhaps YOU were the unfortunate member of your family that enjoyed perusing around town in such a sweater. It was the outfit you dreaded every year, so who would’ve thought that thousands of people would start to revere these sweaters enough to center their holiday parties around it? Continue reading


Surviving Black Friday Without a Black Eye

Black fridayAre you one of the brave souls hoping to snag some AWESOME deals this Black Friday? Well, unless you want to end up waiting in line for 6 hours or making the evening news for accidentally trampling someone over the new Keurig 2.0, then I would advise heading out with a foolproof game plan! Continue reading

Vehicle Winter Weather Safety Tips: The Cold DOES Bother Me Anyways

elsaWaking up this morning to look out the window and see white flaky stuff caked on top of my car took me  completely by surprise–I’m not ready yet! Unlike the popular song from the latest Disney movie, the cold does bother me and I have no intentions of being isolated in a frozen mansion. I have already taken time to prepare my home for the colder weather by purchasing bags of salt and the oh-so-important boxes of hot chocolate, but I will admit that I have not yet done anything to prepare my car for weather emergencies. Continue reading

PuroClean’s Caring Heart Program Spreading Christmas Cheer

Eager Retailers Greet Crowds Of Shoppers On "Black Friday"With winter coats bobbing up and down sidewalks and side streets, and twinkling lights being carefully placed on treetops and rooftops, it’s safe to say that it’s that time of year again.  Bargain shoppers are carefully calculating when to head out into the night to elbow their way through the masses of people scrambling to get the items on their lists, bundles of ads boasting the best sales and newest items are being crammed into our mailboxes– and piled on our doorsteps–, and an endless circulation of commercials will dance in front of our eyes reminding us of all the things we “need”. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Safety Tips: Fry Your Turkey Not Your Fingers

Holidays are stressful. Fun and much looked forward to–for most–but stressful all the same. The large family gatherings where you update close and distant relatives repeatedly on the newest developments in your life; whether or not you’re seeing someone, and “what is it you do again?” conversations fill up the time as you await to sit down and partake in consuming what could only be describe as a traditional American holiday feast; the buttered biscuits and perfectly seasoned stuffing, the cranberry sauce and green bean casserole topped with that delectable crunchy stuff that you have been waiting all year to see smothered on top of your once healthy green beans, the mashed potatoThanksgivinges coated in warm rich gravy, and the to-die-for pies that tease you with their golden brown crusts and gooey centers. Continue reading

PuroClean Nashville: #1 in the Franchise

Nashville PuroClean team decked out in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month this past month of October, 2014

Let me first start out by saying that as the new Social Media Coordinator for PuroClean Nashville, I am beyond blessed to be working for such an amazing company, one that truly values it’s employees. It is a rare thing it seems to find a job doing what you love with people who make you feel appreciated. On my first day in the company, Kelli Smith, the Owner/ President of PuroClean Nashville, took special care to tote me around the office proudly introducing me to everyone and explaining my new role in the company. Continue reading