How To: Recycle Broken Christmas Decorations

Broken Decor

It happens every year–something in the house gets broken before the holidays are over. Whether it be a broken ornament, a string of lights that no longer work, or your favorite wreath, there is a holiday decoration that ends up in the trash. Instead of tossing out your no-longer-functionable holiday decor items, why not recycle them?

For those pesky ornaments that keep falling off the tree and busting into a million pieces, try collecting the shattered chunkscandle and–carefully–smashing them in a bag to make glitter! You can then use the glitter to decorate other miscellaneous holiday items around your home. Or, another way to use the busted ornaments, you can take the pieces and glue them onto a candle to make any room festive!

wreathFor the ornaments that you just simply no longer use, why not make an adorable Christmas wreath out of them? It’s easy to do and you will have a one-a-kind wreath that the neighbors will want to snatch off your front door! Click below for the instructions!

Christmas lights that no longer work aren’t useless, they can just be used for bulbssomething else, like ornaments or fun table decor! Just take the old bulbs, cut them free of their wires, and use glue and glitter to spice them up into recycle holiday decor! To make them into ornaments, simply use hot glue and glue string to the base of the bulb!

Happy crafting!

-Author: Olivia Forrester


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