Holiday Season Crime Prevention Tips


It is a fact that during the holiday season, crime ratings go up. With tons of late night shoppers, holiday parties, and cars brimming with presents it is no surprise that thieves take full advantage of the chaos that this season brings.

Don’t let grinch-minded individuals steal your holiday cheer! Here are some holiday crime prevention tips that will help keep your Christmas “Merry”:

  • If you have to go out for some late night shopping, try to bring someone with you and park under lights! Thieves are less likely to bother groups and tend to avoid well lite areas.
  • Have your keys ready to unlock your vehicle when walking through parking lots to avoid fumbling with your keys to get inside your car.
  • When attending holiday parties, leave large quantities of cash at home as well as anything valuable, especially if you’re planning on drinking. When intoxicated, items can be more easily stolen from you or simply misplaced.
  • At the store, if you have a large number of bags, ask an employee to help you to your car; that’s what they’re there for! This will also help to make sure you’re not walking out to your vehicle alone.
  • Once you have purchased large electronic items, do NOT dispose of the boxes in front of your home! This signals to potential intruders what valuable items you have in your home. Try using public dumpsters instead.
  • Don’t display gifts from where they can be seen outside.
  • Be extra cautious about locking up and leaving some exterior lights on when away from your home.

For more helpful holiday safety tips, click on the above links! Have a SAFE and very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

-Author: Olivia Forrester, Editor: Menan Assefa


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