Decorating Safety Tips to Avoid Holiday Disasters


Uncle Lewis from “Christmas Vacation” pictured above after setting Clark’s Christmas tree on fire

Every Christmas, it is tradition for my entire family and I to sit down and watch the movie Christmas Vacation. Since as far back as I can remember, it has been a family favorite of ours and we specifically look forward to sharing a few laughs over all of the unfortunate events that happen to the main character, Clark Griswold. To name just a few: falling off the ladder hs2while hanging up Christmas lights, getting locked in the attic while hiding presents, having his Christmas tree catch fire, sledding into oncoming traffic, and having a squirrel set loose in his house. Not your picture perfect Christmas, am I right? So unless you’re making a movie that will make millions laugh every year at Christmas, you are going to want to take some serious precautions while decorating your home this year.


Clark Griswold from Christmas Vacation pictured above dangling from his roof after stapling his gloves to the gutter while hanging up Christmas lights

When stringing up Christmas lights on the exterior of your home, make sure to use lights that do not have cracked bulbs or frayed wires. You want your home to twinkle with lights, not flames. Once your lights are checked, before climbing up the ladder, make sure it is firmly placed on the ground and reaches about three feet over the roof line. Un-sturdy ladders, or ladders that are not the appropriate length, can result in a serious injury from a fall.
While away from home, or if there are heavy winds, be sure to turn off the fans in your inflatable decorations. While they may be cute blown up, they’re not cute blowing away and into oncoming traffic.
Holiday safety

For decorations inside the house, be sure to place them out of harm’s way specifically out of the reach for children and animals. For example, do not leave extension cords for indoor lights dangling from the stairwell, or sharp/ fragile objects within reach of children. If your Christmas tree ornaments hang low, make sure they are attached well so they do not fall off easily and break.
And lastly, even though Christmas trees look beautiful placed next to the fireplace, avoid placing your Christmas tree near any heat source since they are easily flammable.
For more holiday decorating safety tips, click on the link below!

-Author: Olivia Forrester, Editor: Menan Assefa


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