The Ugly Christmas Sweater Takeover

sweaterAs a kid, seeing your Great-Aunt Edna sporting her homemade knit Christmas sweater that resembled a craft store explosion was enough to horrify you, almost to the point of no return. Or, perhaps YOU were the unfortunate member of your family that enjoyed perusing around town in such a sweater. It was the outfit you dreaded every year, so who would’ve thought that thousands of people would start to revere these sweaters enough to center their holiday parties around it?
Now don’t get me wrong, ugly Christmas sweaters have been around for a LONG time. However, according to Time Newsfeed, it wasn’t until 2001 that these ugly Christmas sweaters began to make a trendy comeback and have been growing in popularity since. With influences such as Bill Cosby and Clark from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the ugly Christmas sweater theme has taken over holiday parties and office contests across America. I mean, who doesn’t love having a good laugh at the expense of a poor obnoxious looking sweater?
WinnerTo continue in the tradition and good holiday spirit, our office joined in on the ugly Christmas sweater fun! As a contest, the ladies in the office busted out their creative skills and proudly posed in their ugly sweaters in hopes of receiving the most “likes” on our company Facebook page. The Ugly Christmas Sweater takeover has come to our office and the trendy holiday outfits have definitely spread some Christmas cheer! Today marks the end of our competition, so please join in on the fun by clicking the link below to find out who the lucky winner is!

–Author: Olivia Forrester, Editor: Menan Assefa


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