Surviving Black Friday Without a Black Eye

Black fridayAre you one of the brave souls hoping to snag some AWESOME deals this Black Friday? Well, unless you want to end up waiting in line for 6 hours or making the evening news for accidentally trampling someone over the new Keurig 2.0, then I would advise heading out with a foolproof game plan!

Before leaving the house, create a list of the essential items you just can’t live without and the stores they are located at. Stores that tend to be the busiest (such as Best Buy & Toys R’ Us) are ones you should ideally hit up first, to hopefully elude those dreaded long lines. Go to stores you are already familiar with so that finding your desired items is as stress free as possible!

When patiently waiting in line outside, dress warmly and wear lots of layers to keep from not only freezingBlack-Friday-Sale while outside but also from burning up once you’ve safely made it inside. Additionally, if you’re not desperate to buy a big ticket item, there’s really no need to be in the front of the line–getting there an hour early should be plenty of time.

Tips for shopping… well, all I can say is, try not to allow those few grumpy shoppers to derail your experience. Shouting matches and fights over certain items are inevitable–just move along and try not to engage. Be prepared for the chaos that comes with shopping on Black Friday and come to terms with the fact that you may not be able to walk away with every item on your list. However, do not let that disappoint you! Keep a positive attitude and always try to be nice to employees and other shoppers. They are up early just like you!

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Olivia Forrester, Social Media Coordinator & Menan Assefa, Marketing Representative


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