Vehicle Winter Weather Safety Tips: The Cold DOES Bother Me Anyways

elsaWaking up this morning to look out the window and see white flaky stuff caked on top of my car took me  completely by surprise–I’m not ready yet! Unlike the popular song from the latest Disney movie, the cold does bother me and I have no intentions of being isolated in a frozen mansion. I have already taken time to prepare my home for the colder weather by purchasing bags of salt and the oh-so-important boxes of hot chocolate, but I will admit that I have not yet done anything to prepare my car for weather emergencies.

Even though weather varies from region to region, this winter is looking like it’s going to be a cold one. As the PuroClean Blog writes,

“regardless of where you are, it is very likely at some point to face some severe winter weather accompanied by dangerously low temperatures.”

Those dangerously low temperatures are no joke when traveling. The National Weather Service refers to winter storms as the “Deceptive Killers” because most deaths are indirectly related to the storm. Whether it’s from accidents on icy roads, or being exposed to the cold for long periods of time, winter storms can pack a punch, being prepared for them before hand can save a life.


Safety Kit: blanket, water, jumper cables, gloves, cat liter, flashlight, snacks, and snow scraper

Before getting on the road, make sure to pack these items in your trunk: a snow shovel, snow chains and some rock salt or other environmentally safe products to melt ice and snow, just in case your car gets stuck in snow.  Cat litter has also be known to help get cars out of stuck snow by putting it directly under the wheel (this way your car is slipping and sliding on the snow). You should also pack with you blankets, non perishable food items, a flashlight, water bottles, jumper cables, and some extra winter friendly clothing in case of getting stranded somewhere.

Plan ahead for car trips by warming up your engine and defrosting your windshield. When defrosting your windshield, do not pour hot water on it; the differences in temperature can cause your windshield to crack.

To keep up the safety measures, while driving, keep your speed OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAsteady and drive below the speed limit! Ice on the road is not always visible and is the cause of hundreds of accidents every winter season. If you hit a patch of ice, do not slam on the brakes. Turn your steering wheel in the direction your car is sliding and lightly tap the brakes. Over correcting can cause your car to spin out of control. Keeping calm and in control of the situation is key.

To read more safety measure tips you can take this winter, visit the PuroClean blog at

Stay safe and have a great winter!

Olivia Forrester, Main Site Author/ Social Media Coordinator


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