Thanksgiving Safety Tips: Fry Your Turkey Not Your Fingers

Holidays are stressful. Fun and much looked forward to–for most–but stressful all the same. The large family gatherings where you update close and distant relatives repeatedly on the newest developments in your life; whether or not you’re seeing someone, and “what is it you do again?” conversations fill up the time as you await to sit down and partake in consuming what could only be describe as a traditional American holiday feast; the buttered biscuits and perfectly seasoned stuffing, the cranberry sauce and green bean casserole topped with that delectable crunchy stuff that you have been waiting all year to see smothered on top of your once healthy green beans, the mashed potatoThanksgivinges coated in warm rich gravy, and the to-die-for pies that tease you with their golden brown crusts and gooey centers. But none of those mouth watering dishes hold a flame to the perfectly glazed, stuffed, succulent, coma inducing, triumphant over all meats this one day a year, Turkey. Nothing can ruin such an impressive spread. Nothing. Not your great Aunt Merdle talking to you about her latest health issue for an astounding thirty minutes, not your sisters dog chewing on your once favorite shoes, not your nephews high pitched screams of who gets to have the wishbone, not even the football game your watching that has you cringing with every interception and fumbled ball. Nothing can put a damper on the meal you have waited three hundred and sixty four days for. Not a single thing…. right?

This is not a guide on how to have the perfect turkey this thanksgiving, or how to survive the holidays being in a confined space with a large number of your family members. Rather, I’d like to share with you how to not become the turkey you have so earnestly slaved over cooking to perfection. What do I mean exactly? Thanksgiving kitchen hazards send zealous home-chefs to the ER yearly from a variety of preventable cooking accidents. And while they may be funny to laugh at while reading in the paper, they are no joke when it’s happened to you.

kitchenARLnow, Arlington Virginia’s local news website, interviewed the Arlington County Fire Department on the hazards of cooking Thanksgiving dinner and what safety measures should be put in place to avoid a hazardous incident. Here are some of the cooking safety tips the department offered for this holiday season and for those to follow: Don’t be distracted while cooking or leave food unattended, wear short sleeves or fitted sleeves to avoid clothing catching fire, turn pot and pan handles away from the stoves edge, and have a “kid free” zone. To read more of the article with these great safety tips for the holiday season, click on the link below.

EMSA, Emergency Medical Services Authority, reports that the trends in time in how people celebrate their holidays results in the additional safety hazards we need to be aware of. Today more people are using turkey fryers, and if used improperly, they can lead to a trip to the ER with some serious burns. To avoid fire and grease burns from turkey fryers, here are some simple tips to follow: keep fryer in full view while it is on, place fryer in an open area, cover bare skin when adding or removing food, raise and lower food slowly to reduce splatter, and never use a frozen turkey. To read their safety article, click on the link below.

Knowing how to prevent accidents from happening can help make your chaotic day a little less chaotic by avoiding a trip to the hospital. So, while listening to your great Aunt Merdle talk about her latest health issue, or while cringing watching yet another interception, keep in mind the safety tips for this holiday and every holiday to follow. Even if you’re not the one in the kitchen preparing the delectable meal, keep an eye out so the chef is frying the turkey and not their fingers. I’m sure they’ll be thankful for it.

Olivia Forrester, Main Site Author, Social Media Coordinator


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