Kindle the Romance, Not Your Home

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If you haven’t noticed already, with all the heart shaped candy boxes filling the aisles at every grocery store, it’s almost time to celebrate the holiday of love. With romantic gestures, small errors in judgment can lead to huge safety issues. This Valentine’s Day, keep in mind some basic tips that can help avoid some major problems. Continue reading


“Spring” Into Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is just around the corner (thankfully!) and it’s time to start getting your home ready for warmer weather! With so many things to clean, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry! We have some great cleaning tips for you including how to clean using Eco-friendly products (if you haven’t read our blog on how to clean with lemons, you can check it out here). Continue reading

When Life Throws you Lemons, Clean!

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Spring is just around the corner, and with warmer weather comes the yearly task of deep cleaning your home! Using heavy cleaning products can be dangerous; harsh chemicals are bad to breathe in and can burn your skin. Plus, using so many different cleaners means having to tote all those different bottles around! What if there was a cheap, easy, Eco-friendly way to clean even your toughest messes?  Continue reading

Here Comes 2015


Can it be? Is 2015 really here? It feels like just yesterday we were all watching the brightly lit ball drop in the middle of Times Square while screaming “Happy New Year!”. But, it really is here again–New Year’s Eve–and with it comes an endless number of parties and celebrations; don’t jeopardize your fresh start to the new year by making ill choices. Continue reading

The Story Behind How an Elf Came to Sit on Your Shelf

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We’ve all seen the funny pictures in our news feeds depicting the small dolls dressed as elves doing clever or mischievous things around our loved ones’ homes, but where, do you ask, did this hilarious Christmas tradition come from?

In 2005, american author Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell wrote the children’s book, Elf on the Shelf, and published it themselves (with illustrations done by Coë Steinwart). The story was created by the two in 2004 while having a cup of tea reminiscing about their own family tradition of an elf sent from Santa coming to watch over them at Christmas time. Continue reading

Decorating Safety Tips to Avoid Holiday Disasters


Uncle Lewis from “Christmas Vacation” pictured above after setting Clark’s Christmas tree on fire

Every Christmas, it is tradition for my entire family and I to sit down and watch the movie Christmas Vacation. Since as far back as I can remember, it has been a family favorite of ours and we specifically look forward to sharing a few laughs over all of the unfortunate events that happen to the main character, Clark Griswold. To name just a few: falling off the ladder hs2while hanging up Christmas lights, getting locked in the attic while hiding presents, having his Christmas tree catch fire, sledding into oncoming traffic, and having a squirrel set loose in his house. Not your picture perfect Christmas, am I right? So unless you’re making a movie that will make millions laugh every year at Christmas, you are going to want to take some serious precautions while decorating your home this year. Continue reading